Lotus Flower Pendant with Paua Shell


Our Lotus Flower Pendant with Paua Shell is crafted using 925 sterling silver and paua shell. It comes with an 18″ sterling silver belcher chain. We have matching earrings too!

Height: 33mm (including the bail)
Width: 23mm
Depth: 2mm

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The Maori people of New Zealand call abalone Paua. It can be found in the coastal waters off of New Zealand. Paua shells are usually about five inches and oval-shaped! Its iridescent nacre features deep blue and green hues with flashes of pink and purple.

The lotus flower, also known as nelumbo nucifera, sacred lotus, Laxmi lotus or Indian lotus, is an aquatic perennial. It only comes in white or pink hues. The roots are implanted in the soil of a river or pond, and the leaves float on the surface. It is one of two extant species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae.

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