Celtic Sword


The Celtic Sword is a museum replica crafted using steel and faux leather.

Height 29.1″/74cm
Width: 3.1″/8cm
Thickness: 1.2″/3cm
Weight: 1.24KG

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The Celtic Sword

To the Celtic warrior sword, ownership was considered a badge of warrior status and in a society that celebrated the heroic deeds of the individual, the deeds of great warriors and their swords was celebrated in song and poetry. Celtic swords, like all other high status artefacts from the Celtic culture, show great sophistication and artistry in their design and construction. Rich deposits of Celtic weaponry have been discovered on Celtic sites around Europe – these artefacts were ritually deposited as offerings, being dropped into lakes, pools or rivers that were believed to be gateways to the other-world. In warfare, Celtic warriors provided a fearsome spectacle; they would fight as individuals craving reputation, glory, blood and the heads of all those who fell under their sword to take home as trophies.

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